Gem Sourcing Library


It is a common practice for jewelers to acquire precious and sometimes priceless gems from select sources. We specialize in rare and hard to find phenomenal gemstones, and the creation of heirloom worthy crafted art jewelry and precious objects.


The symbolism of gemstones brings added historical wisdom and beauty to our  creations. We believe in the powers of the mind, emotions, and creativity and color to work together to create exotic jewelry.


If you’re looking for a stone that’s just for you, Victoria can help you source it.


Sourced for your pleasure!

A rare, ethically sourced gem, Zultanite is mined exclusively in Turkey and distributed by a single supplier. In various lighting, his unique color-changing gem turns from sage green to champagne to pale raspberry. The color is consistent throughout its rough, so any Zultanite piece, old or new, can always be matched with another Zultanite gem.